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Aprende INGLES de negocios con CALLAN FOR BUSINESS


Callan for Business is a stage-length Callan Method course. Learners are introduced to around 700 business-related words, phrases and idioms, providing them with the confidence to handle any working environment where English is used. Callan for Business gives learners the English that they will come across, and will need to use, in the world of work.

Important business terminology is clearly explained, and the many thought-provoking questions ensure that students stay focused at all times on the meaning and use of the target language. Learners also benefit from quick revision exercises, and sections that give guidance on writing tasks commonly encountered in the workplace (with practice homework material).

¿A quién va dirigido el curso CALLAN FOR BUSINESS?


CALLAN FOR Business va dirigido a aquellos alumnos que han terminado el Curso de Inglés CALLAN FOR ALL y han llegado al nivel superior al 9. También pueden incorporarse alumnos con nivel CAE / C1 o avanzados.


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